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5 Ways to Create Enticing Calls-To-Action

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If you’re even slightly savvy at inbound marketing, then you’re focussing on how to convert people through call-to-action. You’ve put in the hard work, and potentially money, to get them landing on your website, so it is imperative that the call-to-action (CTA) help drive your ultimate conversion goal and generate B2B leads. HubSpot themselves have confessed to a 30% increase in conversion just through revamping their CTAs. We’ve explored some ways to wave that carrot in front of your website visitor in smart and compelling ways:

1. Make it benefit

This one’s pretty simple but it’s often overlooked by inbound marketers in favour of making the action work, rather than the benefit. If you think about people though, we’re more likely to click on something that benefits us, rather than figuring out how the action might benefit us. Examples like ‘Get Your Free Demo’, ‘Let’s Meet’, and ‘Get Your Whitepaper’, are all great ways you can speak the consumer’s language.

2. Make it count

Numbers can be a source of credibility if used in the right way. They can tell a consumer how much money they’re going to save, how many times an e-book has been downloaded, or the length of what they are getting themselves into. They’re also great ways of generating quality B2B leads. If people are invested enough in your numbers, they’re likely to be more interested in additional content that you send their way.

3. Align marketing and sales

If you’ve used best practice inbound marketing techniques when it comes to overall messaging, then your CTA shouldn’t sound like a hard sell either. For instance, if you are generating a B2B lead through the value proposition of a free how-to course and you use messaging on your page to this effect, then your CTA should reflect this also. Instead of writing ‘Download your e-book’, align the CTA with all of your messaging by saying ‘Download your free how-to course’.

4. Go big or go home

Your CTA button should be clearly visible so it makes sense to make it large, without going overboard, of course. A good rule of thumb comes from Apple that recommends a minimum size of 44 x 44 pixels.

5. Keep it simple

People are well-versed in landing pages and lead generation, particularly in B2B land. They know that there will be CTAs, and they may even be looking for something that could be of value to them. If you want to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, sometimes ‘Subscribe Now’ is the most effective option, as long as the messaging on your landing page is compelling and effective at enticing them to click.

A good CTA will point out the action that an inbound marketer wants a visitor to take, but a great one will do it in a way that is simple, relatable, and actually beneficial to the visitor. Using these simple techniques across your website, you should see an increase in the conversion rate of B2B leads through these enticing techniques.

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