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Cloud Adoption: What You Need To Know And How To Get It Done

The cloud market is big and it’s growing fast. According to the Gartner Market Insight, the cloud service market will be worth US$383.5 Billion by 2020, and the shift to the cloud will affect more than US$1 trillion in IT spending. Channel partners are now faced with a choice – to cloud, or not to cloud? The risk is high that channel partners may get left behind if they continue to stick with traditional services, but there are, of course, plenty of challenges associated with adopting cloud business practices.

This research study, State of the Cloud Channel, 2017, has been developed by KAIROS Strategic Consulting in partnership with Gorilla Corporation. It lays out what you need to know about the cloud landscape – the drivers, benefits and challenges – and what you need to think about if you are considering a transition, either as a channel partner or a technology vendor. The research findings in this study are critical for technology vendors to enable the channel transition and find innovative ways to keep the partners engaged and motivated in this ever-changing environment.

From the downloadable report, you’ll be able to:

  • Help cloud vendors understand how to align with channel partners
  • Learn the dynamics of cloud business transition in the channel and understand how to leverage the insights for your channel strategies
  • Find the right partner and make the most of their existing cloud capabilities and expertise
  • Understand the barrier and challenges partners are facing when selling cloud solutions
  • Discover the effectiveness of partner incentives and rewards and find out which have driven the performance

Download State of the Cloud Channel, 2017

Download Cloud Channel Survey Report

Early adopters
74% of channel partners have some kind of cloud offering. As a technology vendor, if your partner does not, or if they are not sitting ahead of the game when it comes to cloud practices, we’ve broken down bringing them up to speed.

How to integrate
It’s not realistic to expect an overnight shift in the industry to cloud-based products. So, what is the right mix? This study explores the incremental changes that will likely occur in the industry as vendors make options for cloud-based solutions one of their key priorities over the next two years.

Understanding the focus
For a technology vendor, understanding the focus of their channel partner’s offering is crucial to get the best ROI and build productive relationships. Find out how to determine the focus and create a partner program that supports that infrastructure and its vertical focus.

Adapt the favorable route
Opportunities in the cloud market are big but it can be difficult knowing where to apply focus. While the market may be mature for tech vendors and end users, it is at a nascent stage for channel partners. We’ve researched the best way in to the cloud market to grow with the market, rather than playing catch up.

Address the barriers
Even after adoption, many barriers still persist in the cloud market. We’ve focused on identifying ones to expect and researched those that are most persistent, industry by industry.

Actually sell it
One of the most common errors in moving to cloud-based solutions is not putting enough emphasis on the marketing and sales drivers that will obtain new customers for the new services. This study helps identify some of the marketing and sales techniques that are proving successful.

We all know that the world is increasingly turning towards cloud-based solutions across industries. Find out what to expect by downloading State of the Cloud, 2017 - a comprehensive survey report that summarizes opinions of over 140 cloud solution channels, system integrators and distributors on current state of cloud adoption, key opportunities and challenges and what they expect from their vendor partners to be successful.

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