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Inbound Marketing Boosts Sales...in Just 7 Months!

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AcInbound Marketing cording to a report released by HubSpot, over 42% of companies who use inbound marketing strategies boost their sales, and over 63% of companies see a significant growth in their bottom line (sales)… within 12 months. The report was based on a data collected from 5,048 Hubspot's customers and surveys from 236 people who were “experts” about their organization’s marketing strategy.

You probably already know that a strong online presence drives more people to your website. And the key to that is inbound marketing!

In today’s post, we'll talk about inbound marketing, which many “experts” reckon as the simplest and most painless way of creating an online engagement between your company and your target audience.

So, let's begin.

What is inbound marketing, anyway?

Inbound marketing includes using strategies (tactics) to drive more potential customers to your business, rather than actively seeking them out – just as you would do in "traditional" outbound marketing.

With the inbound marketing, people will be flocking to your website on their own... because they’re already super excited about your field and want to learn more.

In other words, you don’t have to be aggressive or annoying, or even too straight-forward to approach your prospective customers.

How inbound marketing helps drive more sales?

The answer is quite simple: you create - and share - useful, insightful, and engaging content related to your industry that your target audiences are absolutely interested in reading.

These content offers may answer their pressing questions or solve their mission-critical problems.

This way, not only you’ll attract your potential customers to your website, but give them solid reasons to keep on coming back for more.

Here are simple yet effective inbound marketing strategies you can use now to give your potential customers exactly what they're looking for:

  1. “Listen” to understand what their needs (desires) are

Every day, people are looking for information – "insider" tips, industry statistics, latest trends, reviews, and free tools – that’ll help them improve their business process or life in general.

And, if you can give them exactly what they are looking for, you’ll easily grab their attention.

Once you've grabbed their attention, you can then tell them about your products or services - and all its cool features (and how it will benefit them)- which will eventually generate more sales for your business.

So, listen to your audience to understand what they want… so that you can give them exactly that.

  1. Establish a conversation with your customer

With the web, social networks, and the Internet itself, people are becoming more demanding, more educated, and more experienced than ever before.

It’s not as easy as it was to influence their buying decisions.

Today, people want to make their own buying decisions. That’s probably one of the reasons why people are looking for information on the Internet – reading comments, reading reviews about the product or services they’re interested in - so that they'll make sound buying decisions.

In order to influence these modern sophisticated buyers, we, as business owners, have to employ a "comprehensive approach" and be a part of this ongoing research discussion.

  1. Establish yourself as an “industry expert”

Information is limitless and invites openness, which also leads to beaucoup challenges.

However, it doesn't mean you won't benefit from this.

Internet and Globalization have left us no breathing room to do or sell something truly unique. There are plenty of companies in the same market as you are in.

To be truly influential in your industry, and thus become instantly recognizable and super attractive in your potential customer’s eyes, you have to make yourself STAND OUT from the packs.

To stand out, you’ll have to create a formidable reputation of an “expert” – a reliable “go-to-guy” source for information... in your market, whenever your people run into pressing problems.

This is why most businesses are now working on being an "expert" in their field... by giving valuable, engaging, and relevant tips, tactics, and techniques.

With the powerful combination of inbound marketing best practices and a little help from your sales department, you can easily achieve great sales.

However, to achieve great sales, you’ll have to follow these simple yet crucial stages.

Stage #1: Attract

First important thing to do is drive strangers to your website and convert them into your visitors.

I won’t say everyone is going to be valuable for your business.

So, your job is to attract only those who’ll become your potential customers.

How do you do this?

It's simple.

If you’ve already established yourself as an industry "expert," share insightful tips, tricks, and tactics in plain and easy to understand language your audience understands, make sure you throw some keywords that’ll immediately grab your audience's attention.

If it grabs their attention, you'll immediately know they want to be your visitor.

Stage #2: Convert

The next thing to do is CONVERT those visitors into leads.

How you do this? Again, it's super simple: you grab their contact information - maybe their name, an email address, or a phone number.

And, in exchange for their information, you offer them free gifts - eBooks, free trial tools, videos to download, etc.

This would make them feel that they’re exchanging their information for something truly valuable.

You can offer these freebies on your landing page.

The result? Tons of leads for your sales department guys.

Later, the sales guys can inform marketing guys which leads are good and which aren't and why.

These leads, maybe after reading the eBook or trying your software, can ask for a quick consultation with the sales department

And if they cooperate, the sales guys can easily convert these sales qualified leads into loyal customers.

You see, by selecting sales qualified leads, you can close deals faster and boost topline growth.

Stage #3: Close

Once you’ve generated leads, the next thing to do is try closing leads into customers...  by satisfying them with the ‘right’ content and at the right time.

Again, this will be the responsibility of your sales team.

To employ this step successfully, the connection (communication channel between the sales representative and the potential customer) has to be super-efficient.

The dialogue used has to be easy to understand and really useful.

Most importantly, the communication used should cost nothing. Offering toll-free numbers, or live chat support will quickly solve this problem.

In short, a fast and prompt response will help you increase sales.

Stage #4: Delight

Once you’ve found your customer, you’ll have to continue winning their affection... for your brand, product, or services.

Doing this is simple.

Keep improving your content. Keep providing them both awesome support (both on- and offline).

And (if you wish) you can ask for their feedback, and conduct surveys to find out their true needs.

This way, there’s a BIG chance you'll give your customers exactly what they're looking for, while also making them feel truly appreciated.


In today’s world, to generate more sales for your business, you need to have an inclusive model of inbound marketing and sales strategies.

This is super important because almost everyone out there is using the same age-old method: advertising and cold calls.

But, a combined inbound marketing and sales model will help you instantly STAND OUT from the rest in your industry.

An overall inbound strategy for b2b lead generation looks like this: Send an email newsletter, share on social media, create calls-to -action, conduct 1-to-1 text marketing by sending appropriate offers based on their buyers’ journey, post blog posts regularly, and run online and offline consultancy.

You see, innovative strategies trump traditional practices. It helps your company thrive and give your potential customers exactly what they need.


Over to you: What inbound marketing strategies have helped skyrocket your sales? Please share them in the comment section below.

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