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The 10 Essential Habits for Highly Effective Inbound Marketing

inbound marketingChances are, you’re reading this article because you’re the type of person who’s got some drive when it comes to inbound marketing. However, knowing where to channel that drive can be seriously confusing as a marketer. We’re the worst offenders when it comes to clutter. We saturate people’s lives with the activity we create, along with our own lives, as we try to keep up with weekly trends and clever jargon.

When it comes to the people out there who are, what I would describe as, highly effective inbound marketers, it’s all about getting back to basics. They’re the type of people who can bring confidence and creativity to the table to make great ideas happen, and so can you if you follow their ten habits:

1. Streamline the trends

I know I said we clutter our lives trying to keep up with the trends but you just can’t ignore them. The secret to keeping up with the trends as a truly successful marketer is to find a few publications that inspire you, that you respect, and stick to them. You’ll stay in the know in a positive way, but you won’t be weighed down with the constant war of marketing words. 

2. Numbers are your friend

Let’s face it, most of us didn’t get into marketing because we’re numbers people. In saying that, it’s worth taking the time to appreciate the numbers game and the success that mastering it can bring. Start off slow and create a methodical and doable approach where you can test and measure different inbound marketing techniques. Trust me, you will enjoy it in the long run. 

3. Care about the idea

Remember that people are not buying your product or service, they’re buying what your product or service can do for them. Great marketers reel it back to something that people can actually connect to. A great idea or some compelling storytelling will always win people’s hearts and minds. 

4. Get in their shoes

Walk a mile in their shoes should not just be a quote for marketers, but a way they approach every project. One successful inbound marketing manager I know will write down what a day in the life of his customer is. When you can understand their thoughts, challenges and distractions, you can actually reach them. 

5. P2P

We’re going with a theme here. Successful marketers realise that marketing is not B2B, B2C or any other formulation of words and numbers. It’s person to person, no matter if that person is at the end of their personal social media account, or their business email. Don’t forget to speak to people. 

6. Balance your objectives

Inbound marketing almost always involves a mix. A range of channels, full integration, across every spectrum. That’s the trend these days, but a good marketer can take a step back and objectively look at each option, each channel, and analyse how well they’re actually going to meet an objective. Questioning the worth of something? Test it or take it out. But be definitive so you’ll know for next time. 

7. Don’t be afraid to fail

While I’m not advocating flippancy when it comes to the distribution of a marketing budget, testing and risk-taking is how we make leaps in the industry. Just remember to bring it back to the idea and connecting with people before you do. That brand-new way of cutting through on Google Ads will only ever work if the content does. 

8. Curiosity breeds ideas

If you’re guilty of being the kind of person who observes, who asks people questions to find out how they tick, or who reads widely to understand the world better, then you’re already most of the way there to success in marketing. Let out your inner weirdo and go hard, channel it, and stop and think how you can apply your observations to your work. 

9. Look for a natural fit

Passion and perseverance for a project generally comes a lot easier when you genuinely like what you’re doing. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an interest, although that ideally helps. But perhaps you like the methodical process of some part of marketing, or the industry is one you know lots about. Explore it and you’ll no doubt find it feels a little less like work and a lot more like your calling. 

10. Surround yourself with creatives

People never want to be bored by marketing. How do you not make marketing boring? By embracing creatives. Surround yourself with them in your own personal life, follow them, read about them. And most importantly, respect them in your working life. They are the people who make your ideas hum. 

Successful inbound marketing isn’t necessarily about being everywhere, all at once, all the time. Truly compelling, creative marketing, the kind that gets under people’s skin, is never created that way. Instead, those who know what they are doing tend to strip back the jargon and create the right environment for themselves to see clearly through the noise.

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Ashish Jain
Ashish Jain

Sales & marketing enthusiast, entrepreneur and engineer, who is passionate about technology. Ashish excels at creating simple yet compelling stories out of complex ideas; and is committed to drive organizational growth by aligning sales, product and marketing around customer needs. He has over 15 years of experience in leading marketing and product strategies of software products in telecom and enterprise mobility industry; and training sales teams to outperform competition. He is an expert in emerging inbound sales and marketing technologies, next-generation telecom technologies (VoIP, Unified Communications, Cloud Communications APIs, 4G/ 5G small cells, VoLTE), IoT, and enterprise Wi-Fi). Ashish holds Masters in Computer Science from University of Texas. He is CEO & Co-Founder of KAIROS Strategic Consulting – a MarTech agency that provides inbound marketing and sales enablement solutions to startups and Fortune 500 B2B technology companies.

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